ETA2U offers HP Officejet Pro X476/X576 color multifunction equipment and the HP Officejet Pro X451/X551 color printers .

Forget all you thought you knew about office printers.

The HP Officejet Pro X series is more than a new series of standard printers and multifunction equipment, it’s a brand new experience for any office.

– designed from scratch by HP .

In a vibrating business world you need a standard or multifunction printer that is designed not only to keep up the pace, but to set it. You'll be amazed by the series of incorporated functionalities. And the star of the whole show: very high printing speeds due to the HP PageWide revolutionary technology – the same printing technology that is used on HP Inkjet Web Press printers.

Traditionally, in office printing, there was a choice between ink and laser.
If you needed fast prints at professional quality with low page costs for teams of employees, general opinion favorized laser printers. If you were looking for a personal economic printer or one that could be shared by a few persons, then the most frequent choice was the ink printer.
But with the HP Officejet Pro X series, the story changes. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds, ink and laser, with a series of key advantages that no other desktop printers on the market can match.

It all starts with the HP PageWide technology. For years now, hp has used this printing system in top digital printing presses. Now, for the first time, you can have a desktop printer with all the benefits of this technology that has proven its performance. The secret is a stationary printing head that stretches over the entire paper width, allowing an exceptionally viable printing, with a single pass, at very high speeds. In fact, this product that made it into the Book of Records provides vivid colors up to twice as fast as laser color printers – up to 70 pages per minute.
And, unlike laser printers, there is no fuser that needs to warm up, so that the first page is printed very quickly.

Speed is just the beginning. You'll be amazed how many things this compact and quiet device can help you do. Whether you need an intelligent, internet connected printer or a multifunction product (MFP) with many features , the HP Officejet Pro X series has been especially designed from zero in order to satisfy the needs of busy professionals.

It is possible that you will discover several features that you never thought you might need!
Besides, operating costs are extremely low. You can save
up to 50% of the printing costs as compared to laser color printers and with a design that saves energy, you may preserve your resources without sacrificing performance.

Print vivid colors at revolutionary speeds – nothing is left for the last 100 yards.

As compared with traditional ink jet or laser printers, the benefits of the HP Officejet Pro X series are clear:
• General office mode prints up to 70 pages per minute, monochrome or color – that is up to twice the speed of laser color printers.
• When the HP PageWide technology teams up with pigment ink cartridges ,
the result is a winning combination of prints equivalent to those from
laser color printers, up to half the page cost of
laser color printers.
• Unlike traditional inks based on dye, you will no longer have to worry about stained documents. As soon as they get out of the printer, the pages dry up without any waiting time. You may use the marker with no problem and it can also cope with raindrops or spilled liquids.
• Inks based on pigments provide a longer lifetime to documents.
You can archive without any worries – prints that resist color fading maintain their quality
for decades

The touch-sensitive LCD display of 10.9 cm allows you to finalize multiple routine activities without going from your office to the printer multiple times. Moreover, the control panel includes an USB port, easily accessible. You can print documents of pictures directly from your stick or you can scan documents on your hard disk with the HP Officejet Pro X multifunction equipment.
This intuitive interface provides fast access to time-saving business applications. These are special applications, available exclusively for HP devices with web printing. Choose from an increasing collection of business applications that can help you organize your schedule or even promote your own business.

You can maange the printer or multifunction equipment with the HP Embedded Web Server or with other useful management instruments: HP Web Jetadmin and HP Universal Print Driver (you can download them freely from and These embedded security functionalities help prevent any change to the device's settings and protect sensitive data.

Create an essential connection between your business and your documents.

• Print from almost anywhere with HP ePrint by using a smartphone or tablet.
• Connect and share this echipament on your wireless or Ethernet network
• Minimize the number of interruptions – print up to 9.200 pages per cartridge
and load up to 1.050 sheets at a time. Notice the fact that unlike many other laser products there are no phtosensitive cylinders, transfer belts or other parts that need replacing.
• Obtain a reliable printing at a high volume with a working cycle of up to 75.000 pages
per month/ recommended monthly volume 4.200 pages.

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