ADISS SA is a company situated Baia Mare that is treating waste water from the city and industry. Its daily activity involves a significant quantity of printed material. Reducing costs related to the printing and copying activity is an important objective for ADISS SA.

ADISS SA is a company located nearby the city of Baia Mare whose main activity is the treatment of household and industrial waste water. Their daily activity implies a significant quantity of printed materials. Reducing costs related to the printing and copying activity is an important objective for ADISS SA.
ADISS SA has selected ETA2U to optimize its complex printing and copying environment with Total Print Management and Job Accounting solutions. The choice was made thanks to the proven expertize of ETA2U in similar cases and to the good IT collaboration that existed between the two companies .
ADISS SA has as an objective to develop a printing solution that would simplify its complex printing and copying environment and to solve the employees' printing problems.

Original status:

  • 4 different brands in the equipment fleet: Hewlett Packard, Canon, Lexmark, Toshiba
  • Locally installed equipment

The solution proposed by ETA2U:
„Total Print Management” unifies and consolidates the printing fleet, as follows:

  • performing equipment that existed in the company was kept
  • old non-perfoming equipment was replaced with new, robust equipment, with low maintenance costs

Curent status:

  • 2 different brands in the fleet: Xerox and HP
  • Departmental equipment
  • All equipment is covered by a „pay per print” contract with “remote” assistance and on-site assistance
  • The solution includes monitoring of the supplies level and service activities for the entire fleet of copiers and printers.

In orded to control user access to printing equipment, a Job Accounting solution was implemented. Now ADISS SA can monitor and obtain centralized reports on the number of pages that are printed or copied by users and/or cost centers.

The Job Accounting solution also allows establishing printing policies at user level: print only black&white, print duplex.

Gabriel Manga , Manager of the „Image&Print” division of ETA2U stated:
„The upgrade of the printing activity of ADISS SA has also ensured the growth of the security and confidentiality levels of printed documents through the assignment of a pin/access card to each employee. The company's IT environment was simplified, including through the reduction of the number of drivers. But the main benefit for ADISS SA, due to its new printing strategy, was the optimization of the investment and reduction of printing and copying costs. We estimate a saving of about 20% as compared to the situation before the implementation of this project.”

The technical manager – Mr. Alexandru Cernucan from ADISS SA stated:
“We have chosen ETA2U based on our good collaboration which is almost 3 years old now. Support was provided in order to to organize printing activities within the company, so that we may eliminate local printers and use departmental printers instead. The monitoing and control system of printed and copied pages provided by ETA2U was successfully implemented. All these measures increased the efficiency of our printing process and eliminated the maintenance activities – from our company's side – for the equipment fleet. Our company's effort remains focused on the main activity: to create modern solutions and to produce wated treatment equipment and stations. ETA2U shows professionalism in ensuring printing capacity within ADISS SA.”

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