Can we still remember the idea that was launched a few years ago, according to which future offices would become “paperless offices”? For various reasons, justified or not, it is not a fact. We can still find in many offices paper printed in excess and managers looking for ways to reduce costs associated to printing.

In fact, we can observe that besides necessary documents, for various reasons, other documents are also printed or the same documents are often reprinted. Studies show that, generally speaking, over 30% of the total printed pages in a company are useless prints. In this context, it is important to focus our attention on the issue related to additonal costs generated by document printing and to apply efficient solutions in order to solve it.
To keep under control and reduce costs, in the current approach, companies tried many times either to reduce the equipment fleet or to use "compatible" or recharged supplies, in parallel with the restrition of users' access (e.g. not everyone could print on color printers). As a paradox, these measures lead to an increase of useless prints and consequently of costs, while also generating frustration and dissatisfaction among users.

There is an efficient method to control and reduce costs associated to printing , with no impact on performance or quality, that also ensures time savings and users confort. ETA2U has implemented this solution in its own printing equipment fleet.
We would like to share the benefits generated by its implementation:

  • It has reduced costs by eliminating document reprinting at a low quality by using the old equipment, also eliminating the paper jam inconvenience and ink spots generated by the use of "compatible" or recharged cartridges.
  • It has generated the responsibility of each user due to the real time tracking of the cost per printed page and to the possibility to cancel a printed page in time, if desired. Thus, the printing of useless document has been eliminated.
  • It has eliminated the queues generated by the great number of simultaneous users and has reduced to 0 the number of reprinted page generated by the fact that, due to the "crowding", someone else has taken by mistake also other sheets that did not belong to them.
  • It has optimized document scanning and archiving, as the two processes were simplified through the procedure and were made available to everybody. Currently, documents that enter in our company are no longer copied repeatedly, but are accessed electronically.
  • And last but not least, it has increased the presentation efficiency of printed documents.

Here's what our ETA2U colleagues say:

  • Human resources: "I am glad that I no longer have to run to the equipment after pressing „print” and that I no longer have to catch a moment when there is nobody at the A3 copier from the end of the hallway. Now I am sure that confidential documents will not be seen or taken by someone else."
  • Purchasing and Logistics: "We can scan and archive our contracts automatically, by pressing only 2 buttons. Documents go exactly where they need to, in the system. When someone asks for a document, instead of looking for it in folders and make copies, we simply send the document in electronic format."
  • Finance: "Besides the fact that the costs related to equipment supplies and maintenance have decreased, we have a detailed overview on the costs related on printing per each department and we no longer argue about them in our meetings. Each head of department has a clear image on how these costs are generated".
  • Sales and Marketing: "Since now we know who, what and how many color prints has made, and in general costs have decreased, we have decided that quotations and some of the materials we send to our customers shall be printed only in colors. We have seen the positive impact on our customers while also consolidating the professional appearance of our documents".

Being convinced that the solution we present is a reliable one, we strongly recommend it and we would like to remind you that our Image&Print department provides free audit to everyone interested.
For a live demonstration of the functionalities and benefits of the above presented solution, we invite you the head office of ETA2U, 1 Ghe. Dima street, Timisoara, and for any further information you may contact Mr. Gabriel Manga at: 0256. 277 540, mobile: 0742 009 911 or e-mail: image&This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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