Self Print / Self Copy – an adequate solution for universities
West University is implementing a pilot project as a premiere for Timisoara – a Self Print / Self Copy solution


  • Covering the printing, copying and scanning needs specific for everyone who activates within an university.
  • Increasing the institution's income – all income resulting from operating the multifunction equipment are entirely directed towards the owner university's account , so that it has the opportunity to reinvest it in projects for the benefit of the students.
  • Reducing cost of staff – most public institutions aim at the automation and outsourcing of all paid services that they offer.
  • Simplified management of the profit – monitoring and accounting of all sums resulting from printing, copying and scanning activities shall be performed by the copy-cards vending machines. Moreover, the university can proactively manage and budget the supplies required for an average monthly volume.
  • Reducing space required for printing and copying activities – dedicated offices for printing centers are now replaced by open spaces with intelligently and efficiently placed equipment.
  • Reducing working times and improving the flow of the printing activity.
  • Information security – documents shall be printed only in the moment when the user shall be physically present near the equipment and shall use the ID card or PIN.
  • Management of documents sent to be printed can be done by using a web interface (delete, re-add to printing queue, etc.)

The above benefits were and continue to be the arguments for which the West University 3of Timisoara has chosen the the Self Print / Self Copy solution to be implemented in its own premises.
Thus, the entire specific need of both students and professors was covered, as they had no choice before but to use third party services whose equipment was often located outside the university campus.

Otherwise, the solution is extremely simple to use, as it requires a single multifunction equipment installed in the network and situated on the hallway that connects multiple offices and rooms.

Users send the order from the computer where they work, they walk afterwards to the equipment where they can pick up the processed materials by using the owner card or pin.

The payment for required activities is made instantly, automatically, through the same owner card/pin that was previously loaded. The institution that owns the equipment has a clear and explicit overview of the multifunction equipment's activities due to the software that generates reports based on defined criteria.

ETA2U is the only Romanian company in the west area of the country which is certified as an implementing analyist, integrator and 1st level support provider of Ysoft SafeQ.

The Image&Print division provides free consultancy services to anyone interested in order to assess the compatibility level with such a solution. For specific technical details and consultancy services e-mail us at image&This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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