Due to its surprinsing high printing costs and looking for a solution to this, TMD Friction has called its partner, ETA2U. In this case, After a pertinent status assessment, ETA2U has implemented Job Accounting – a complete monitoring solution for all printing workflows. Thus, operating costs have been reduced and IT resources have been unlocked! Moreover, the return of investment in this solution is achieved approximately one year.
The solution implemented by ETA2U:

  • Software Job Accounting: SafeQ Professional Edition, Terminal Professional
  • Monitored equipment: Hewlett Packard LaserJet CM6030 multifunction
  • User authentications on all equipment is performed through their company access cards

Solution benefits:

  • It allows audit and analysis of document production and related costs;
  • It discovers utilized equipment and printing networks, both for documents that employees print directly from their computers as well as for those that they print via networks or print servers;
  • It monitors and records detailed information on the printing activities of employees on any of the monitored printing equipment;
  • It calculates real document production costs in every location, for each printing equipment and for each employee;
  • It allows a centralized management of the document production environment;
  • It ensures a better control of the printing and copying fleet and optimizes costs. It monitors eqiupment usage, name of documents and printing costs in order to determine optimal location and usage of equipment and to help recover and assign costs;
  • It offers a complete solution, from the initial sale to continuous support and maintenance during usage. The acquired software helps optimize the usage of printing equipment and associated costs;
  • It ensures productivity increase directly proportional with the decrease of required IT resources for the printing and copying systems and with the time required for abstract statistics and forecasts.

Through the implemented solution, ETA2U has covered the needs of our client TMD Friction:

  • new ways to reduce costs
  • obtaining complete reports that enabled the control and monitoring of printers and copiers from the entire company
  • ensuring the security of confidential documents that are printed through network printers
  • productivity increase through the reduction of time spent by employees on waiting queues at multifunction printers.

Evaluation of the implementation – appreciations from the beneficiary:

  • Printing costs were reduced due to a lower cost /printed page. These costs did not include investment costs.
  • The number of prints forgotten at the printer was reduced almost totally. We have thus discovered and eliminated a component that we did not expect, that is fax messages that arrive via printers and that people are not interested in.
  • Report customization possibilities are a little bit reduced. The producer of the Job Accounting solution could develop more options: comparative graphs between months, most green, most polluting user, etc.
  • The security of printed documents is greater as compared to previous years, this is implemented automatically by the fact that you cannot print if you are not physically near the printer.
  • The number of printers in each shared location was reduced from two printers (one color and one monochrome) to a single one.
  • And we, at IT, are no longer in the position to keep repeating “Do not print color unless it is really necessary. The cost for a color page is x times higher than for a monochrome page”. The color costs are now comparable with the monochrome costs we had in the past.

For further details regarding the services and solutions of ETA2U Image&Print, as well as the other activities of the ETA2U group, please contact our local representatives at the following e-mail address image&This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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