Autumn is the season when ETA2U counts its accomplishments! Our colleagues from the IMAGE&PRINT division of ETA2U have audited over 100 customers this year and helped them afterwards with smart proposals to increase the efficiency of their printing fleet's functionality.

„We have selected ETA2U for the audit of our printing fleet, based on their team's professionalism and our positive experience from previous projects. ETA2U has observed our demands, and the value of benefits resulted after the audit has rewarded our trust” declared Mr. Mihai Floarea, IT Team Leader at Autoliv Romania.

The total yearly printing volume of these customers is of over 300.000.000 pages, which means, in other words, that if we were to put the pages one on top of the other their height would be 4 times the height of Everest.
As you know, the auditing process of a printing fleet is a complex one. Given the main benefits resulting from a professional audit, such as: finding solutions to increase the productivity of the printing activities and identifying new ways to control and reduce costs, here are again the main stages of an audit:

  1. assessment of the existing document production space;
  2. designul unei strategii de integrare a documentelor;
  3. solution implementation;
  4. result measurement and management of the ongoing project.

Satisfaction and appreciations from the customers activating in automotive, manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceuticals, etc. honor us and recommend us.
You, dear ETA2U customer, can relax! You have 10 days to register a free audit. Afterwards yes, you can prepare for the holidays season.

For details on how to schedule an audit, please contact our colleagues at: Image&This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..