About Mercedes-Benz Romania

SC Mercedes-Benz Romania S.R.L. is a Daimler AG company. Our company is responsible for the activity of import, marketing, sales and after sale services for the following brands: Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Fuso and Setra as well as for the coordination of a network of 36 authorized sales and service centers.

The challenges of Mercedes-Benz Romania

The quality of the printed materials plays an important role in Mercedes-Benz Romania's sales activity, starting from offering the potential customers by providing customized sales propositions to the printing of agreements and internal documents.

Most of the documents were printed on printers purchased at different times that used different consumables, spare parts and printing drivers, which required assigning a significant number of resources to ensure the proactive monitoring and the security of the copied/printed pages.

Thus, following ETA2U's analysis of the challenges that Mercedes-Benz Romania was facing, we set together the following objectives:

  • To renew the entire equipment fleet.
  • To reduce the costs related both to the printer fleet and to the multifunctional product fleet by at least 15%.
  • To streamline the equipment operation by reducing the number of equipment types.
  • To simplify the activities of the IT and Procurement Departments by offering a single, detailed and flexible solution to meet the requirements expressed in the Procurement Notice.
  • A single supplier with national coverage.
  • Secured access to the equipment based on the building access badge.

The ETA2U Solution

  • Reducing the equipment types from over 27 different models to only 8.
  • All the offered pieces of equipment are superior to the current ones, in terms of speed (pages per minute), energy efficiency, advanced scan and fax functions.
  • The strategic approach to the printing/copying service by means of the print2U 4 Daimler solution, which proposes defining a strategic vision, structured on several years and with the possibility to optimize the solution being offered based on the unforeseen needs of the company, offering therefore maximum transparency and flexibility.

The equipment models employed were Lexmark CX725de, CS725de, MX511de, MX611de, MS510dn, MS610dn, MS811dn and MX911de.


Thanks to the low TCO and the outstanding reliability of the Lexmark multifunctional products the printing costs are lower than what they used to be, while also reducing the support costs. “By identifying the mix of equipment suitable to our needs, using high-capacity toners and implementing measures to reduce the number of printed pages we aimed at reducing the costs of printed and copied documents by 15%. Thus, besides the forecasted savings, ensuring transparency of the future expenses is also a clear benefit to the company. The Lexmark devices are very reliable, many thanks to the entire team who ensured the implementation! – Razvan Stefanescu, Service Manager - Mercedes Romania”

For further information, please contact our colleague Gabriel Manga, ETA2U Image&Print Business Unit Manager, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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