Intesa Sanpaolo is one of the strongest financial groups worldwide, recognized for its stability and robustness on a global scale. Intesa Sanpaolo is a leader of the Italian banking market and it has a significant presence both in Central Europe and Eastern Europe, as well as in the area of North Africa, servicing over 7.9 million customers of the bank branches operating in 12 countries.

At the headquarters in Arad, which is hosted on several floors, with equipment in every office, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank made efforts to keep records of the expenses related to the printing equipment fleet.

More precisely, they did not have a rigorous method to control the equipment use manner and most of the time they also had downtime that led to an increase of the printing costs.

Thus, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank asked ETA2U to perform an audit that would offer an analysis of the current costs related to the printed and compiled documents. The constant analysis to identify each equipment, the collection of the start/stop counters, the analysis of such data and calculation of the current cost and of potential additional future costs.

This analysis motivated Intesa Sanpaolo Bank to take measures and therefore we installed a full Total Print Management solution which included the redeployment of the existing equipment and the update of the multifunctional equipment so as to meet the needs of every department.


Controlling the printing costs and raising efficiency– Currently, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank is able to control and manage the cost of every single piece of printing equipment. And, as part of a centralized TPM solution, they can audit the costs by department, by location or by user, using the OPtimiDoc application as a Print Job Accounting solution.

This solution enables the users to print in a shared print queue, scroll and release the printing job from any activated printing device. This ensures confidentiality of the printing task for the user and reduces the printing waste, from the documents left in the printer. If a certain printer does not work the users may release their printing jobs from the next available printer, without interrupting the productivity.

By reducing the amount of waste and providing the users a safe and flexible printing environment, the print job tracking allows Intesa Sanpaolo Bank to significantly cut down on costs, to protect its data and enhance the productivity of its workforce.

Improving customer satisfaction – By using the XEROX equipment with the new Versalink technology, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank can now service its customers more efficiently, disposing of:

Advanced scan functions that allow previewing the scanned documents and faxes even on the tablet touchscreen interface of the equipment. Moreover, the scanned documents may also be searched for with built-in OCR capabilities.

High connectivity – all the VersaLink devices may be connected via cable, wireless or from a mobile device. All the Cloud services - Dropbox ™, Google Drive ™, OneDrive® may be accessed via the touchscreen interface of the printing devices.

The Total Print Management (TPM) solution offered by ETA2U helped Intesa San Paolo Bank to identify, control and manage the printing cost for every single piece of equipment. After the initial assessment of the results, the hardware redeployment and revamping of the equipment, it contributed to the control of the printing costs.” Gabriel Faur - It Manager Intesa San Paolo Bank.

For further information, please contact our colleague Gabriel Manga, ETA2U Image&Print Business Unit Manager, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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