No activity, regardless of its economic nature and innovation degree, may develop beyond a certain point without the support and optimization provided by technology. An important customer in ETA2U's portfolio, one of the leading players in industrial automation on the international market – acknowledged this fact and acted accordingly, turning to ETA2U's specialists.

Comau is an integrated company specialized in industrial automation, with an international network of 35 operational centers, 15 production sites and 5 innovation centers throughout the world. The company provides complete and comprehensive solutions, services, products and technologies aimed at meeting the specific needs of manufacturing for the industries, ranging from the automotive industry to railways and to heavy industry, renewable energy and general industry.

Successfully implemented solutions

We had a first collaboration with our customer 10 years ago, the sale of a single A3 monochrome printer at its premises in Oradea. The following steps consisted in gradually adding one piece of equipment at a time, thus reaching a mix of models, each posing different challenges.

“This year, thanks to the professionalism demonstrated by my colleagues, within these 10 years of collaboration, but also owing to the high-performance equipment, the customer decided to continue the relationship with the ETA2U team for at least another 3 years, covering the 2 sites in Romania, Oradea and Craiova”, specified Gabriel Manga, Business Unit Manager Image&Print, ETA2U.

The current solution relies on an equipment package made up of the new high-performance models of Xerox Altalink and Versalink: from 25 pages per minute to 35 pages per minute, as well as the HP large format printers. The entire fleet is proactively monitored, by means of the data collector installed on the Xerox Device Agent customer's website while the information generated are tracked in a Xerox Fleet Management Portal platform. This application helps monitoring:

  • The technical issues emerged/error messages.
  • Low consumable warnings – when the consumables run out below a previously set threshold.
  • The equipment use manner by generating reports that indicate the number of printed pages.
  • The proactive delivery of consumables performed by an automated generation of delivery tickets. These consumables are then taken over, thus guaranteeing the recycling of the waste generated  by the printing process.

It is with great joy that we confirm that the company can currently rejoice in its productivity increase referred to the printing, scanning and document flow activities, in the cost reduction and in the improvement of the end users' satisfaction.

“Throughout this period ETA2U stood beside us, regardless of the challenges we faced and it had the required expertise so as to recommend the best services and products. The prompt and professional reply that ETA2U provided to us every single time helped us to be closer to the business needs of our company" Marin Balaian – ICT Manager Comau Romania.

For further information, please contact our colleague Gabriel Manga, ETA2U Image&Print Business Unit Manager, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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