Case Study

COLTERM SA Timisoara, the local district heating company, operating in the field of production, transport, distribution and supply of thermal energy, production and sale/supply of power, operation, maintenance, repair and development of thermal grids and of the systems within the thermal power plants and thermal substations, cold water hydrophore pumping - via the hydrophore stations from 47 thermal plants and substations which provide cold water to all the buildings taller than ground floor + 4 floors, installation and operation of the cost allocator systems. For further details on the activity of COLTERM SA Timisoara you may access the company website

Initial State

COLTERM SA Timisoara owned a fleet of printers and copy machines purchased at different times, from various manufacturers who use various consumables and their management both from the standpoint of consumables as well as of spare parts and of their printing drivers was a difficult task for the IT and Purchasing Departments.

While analyzing the document printing manner and creating the printing standard within a company we always aim at ensuring the users' convenience and efficiency, putting at their disposal all available functionalities. Investing in software solutions allows improving and creating proactive service standards.

"The monitoring and active management system also enables an operational centralization of the incidents, and as such besides the constant supply of consumables, the quick remote troubleshooting of the incidents is also ensured. Moreover, the automated incident reporting system and SLA in real time allow monitoring the service quality", declared Zoltan Pregh,  Manager Print Service Consultant ETA2U.


Following the implementation of the Ysoft SafeQ, COLTERM SA Timisoara succeeded in optimizing both its hardware infrastructure and its management costs for the entire printing solution.

The deliverables of this project were:

  • 5 Xerox Workcentre 5325 machines;
  • 5 Proximity Card Readers (USB Card readers);
  • 5 Ysoft SafeQ 5 Licenses.

Consequently, both the Purchasing Department and the IT Department were relieved of an array of tasks related to ensuring the consumable stock, respectively to the printer fleet management.

Ysoft SafeQ version 5 was installed on the Xerox Workcentre 5325 machines equipped with proximity card readers.

The implementation was preceded by an analysis and planning meeting. The locations of the equipment and the operation programs were finalized and observed. The implementation was carried out seamlessly.

IT Department:

“The solution proposed by ETA2U proved to be very efficient most of all thanks to the centralization of the printing-copying-scanning functions for all the users in the specific locations and to the consumable supply management and the entire printer fleet within the company. Furthermore, the printed documents/scanned documents ratio was also improved in favor of the documents in digital format, contributing to the ever more present preoccupation of COLTERM SA Timisoara with the environmental protection”.

For further information, please contact our colleague – Gabriel Manga, ETA2U Image&Print Business Unit Manager, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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