Initial State

We had a first collaboration with Fornetti back in 2005 when we supplied repair and maintenance services for the existing printer & copier fleet. The fleet was not up-to-date and there was no control system for the printed pages, the service interventions and the consumable requirements. This year, 2017, we replaced that fleet with a new and advanced fleet, which offered a productivity boost to the users: Thus, the manual orders of consumables and service were eliminated and a software was also implemented, which allows knowing the real-time state of every single printing device.

The Solution

Our solution consisted in implementing a new HP equipment fleet of the Enterprise range, which brought the customer a 21% saving and a series of benefits as well:

- The possibility to scan front-back documents in a single passage, with very high scanning speeds. The HP EveryPage technology allows the employees to scan without worries, to immediately detect potential errors or missing pages and to save time with the advanced workflow features of Flow MFP M527.

- Important reductions of the power consumption via the HP Auto-On/Auto-Off technology, which turns the printer on when it is needed and it turns it off when it is not used.

- Saving paper by using the automatic two-sided printing and the PIN printing.

- The built-in features detect security threats and protect the multifunctional device from start to stop.

- The possibility to print wireless directly from the mobile devices, with a 128-bit encryption; network not needed.

Results of the implementation

The customer company, operating in the food industry, can currently rejoice in its productivity increase referred to the printing, scanning and document flow activities, in the cost reduction and in the improvement of the end users' satisfaction. The services offered by ETA2U ensure a 24x7 monitoring of the equipment fleet. Within the new context the consumable orders and service requests are sent automatically, which led to significant time savings and consequently to streamlining the processes. Equally important, the technical personnel intervenes proactively, anticipating the needs of the customer.

Fornetti is one of the largest pastry chains in Romania, with over 800 tuck-shops in 230 cities and in over 20 countries, from Sweden to Kuweit.

For further details on this solution you may contact our colleague Gabriel Manga – Manager Image&Print ETA2U; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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