Ingenuity, vision and quality.

Rus Savitar started its activity in 1994 as a furniture retailer and has meanwhile become one of the largest furniture and upholstery manufacturers and dealers in Romania. The company is now the second-largest particleboard (LDF) manufacturers in Romania; Casa Rusu is its retail division.

Concrete situation, choosing the solution, setting the objectives.

Wishing to identify new & more efficient operating methods by reducing power consumption and waste, the Rus Savitar company decided to purchase a solution that would streamline the printing manner in its 22+ Casa Rusu stores as well as in the HQ office area. After careful evaluation of the available options, Rus Savitar's management team decided in favor of the ink technology provided by EPSON.

Furthermore, Rus Savitar's choice meant the initiation of the partnership with the ETA2U team whose competencies and results subsequent to the implemented solutions highly recommend them in the field of printing solutions.

The ETA2U Solution

Print2U Services - Managed Print Solution

To think and to act sustainably is absolutely necessary. Sustainability means fairness to future generations ” declared Gabriel Manga, ETA2U Image&Print Business Unit Manager.

Challenges encountered at Rus Savitar:

  • Correct dimensioning of current and, above all, future needs related to the printing equipment.
  • Training the personnel to use the new technologies.
  • Interconnectivity - a local monitoring solution with the HQ-based application.


The ETA2U experts implemented a new EPSON WorkForce-R5690DWF & Epson L565 equipment fleet, keeping a part of the existing fleet - integrated in the new solution. Thus, all the equipment, both the new and the preserved ones, had the benefit of the same service level, and the users may enjoy a hassle-free printing environment and a pleasant experience when using the printing & scanning devices.


Results of the implementation of the new solution:

  1. Remote printing is simple and trouble-free. The users may distribute the documents sent to print to any location, within a very short time.
  2. Consumables are delivered automatically, with no user intervention required. The EPSON WorkForce-R5690DWF equipment consumables are dimensioned so as to be able to print 75,000 pages without replacing the ink.
  3. The implemented solution is managed in a central office in the HQ and is monitored by Epson Device Admin.
  4. Power consumption reduction (as compared to laser colour printers); up to 80% less power is used at present while the number of wastes has been reduced by 99%.

Beneficiary's appreciation:

In Mr. Alexandru Abunei's opinion (IT Manager Rus Savitar): “we wanted to use innovative work methods, therefore we chose a partner who can offer these technological solutions that best suit our needs. ETA2U allocated itself time to understand our unique needs and our company's vision as a whole, thus, the consultancy offered  by them helped us to identify the areas where technology could improve our work efficiency".

Mr. Alexandru Abunei also added: ”The printers in the Casa Rusu stores proved to be extremely reliable. Epson prints over and over again - they simply do what they are expected to. We work many times with paper of different quality, therefore the old laser printers were prone to paper jams and other problems. This was always an extremely unpleasant issue because our customers were always affected by it, while waiting for an invoice or a quote".

Addittionally, in the Casa Rusu stores we realize 3D models of the furniture we propose to our customers and printing them in colour helps us to make a professional presentation of the piece of furniture that the customer wants.

The ETA2U solution took into consideration all these important aspects of Rus Savitar's activity and successfully solved the challenges and the difficulties, managing to achieve a beneficial transformation of the printing fleet state, by capitalizing on the existing resources and streamlining the activity, making available to Rus Savitar a new work manner: simple, fast, accessible, in accordance with the current technological standards.


About Rus Savitar

Due to the advanced technology they have and a team of over 1,300 staff, Rus Savitar reached a manufacturing capacity of 2 million square meters of LDF, out of a total of six million square meters available on a national level. This put the company on the 1st place in Romania with a market share of 33%. The plant's manufacturing capacity reached today 30,000 LDF furniture units/month and 5,000 upholstered LDF furniture sets/month.
The production line was revamped over time, which lead to the development of numerous collections of furniture. The innovation of the moment is the revolutionary digital printing technology, which involves printing each photo, regardless of its size, on the surface of the piece of furniture, encouraging the realization of ingenious furniture and out-of-the-box decorations.

For further information, please contact our colleague Gabriel Manga, ETA2U Image&Print Business Unit Manager, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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