Eberspächer, one of the most important niche companies in Europe, a competent partner of the automotive industry in the field of automotive electronics and in network connection with internet backbones for vehicles   stands out by means of a personalized approach to projects and by placing innovation and top technology at the heart of its relationships with customers.

Case Study


To achieve its growth objectives, Eberspaecher Exhaust Technology Romania needed to implement a print solution in accordance with the strategic guidelines of the company: innovation, cost efficiency, sustainability as well as development.

"It is absolutely necessary to think and to act sustainably. Sustainability means fairness to the future generations” said Gabriel Manga, Business Unit Manager Image&Print, ETA2U.


  • Correct dimensioning of current and, most of all, future needs, in terms of print and scan equipment. Designing a solution while taking into account the major security restrictions with respect to printed documents.
  • Interconnection, as a local monitoring solution, with the application implemented at the HQ.


We implemented a new park of CANON Image Runner C5235i Advanced equipment and a Uniflow centralized print infrastructure, therefore offering to the Eberspaecher Exhaust Technology Romania employees a trouble-free print environment and a pleasant experience in using print and scan equipment.

The ETA2U Solution

Print2U – Managed Print Solution Services.


  1. Remote printing is easy and trouble-free. The users may distribute the documents to be printed to any location, within a very short time.
  2. Consumables are delivered automatically, without the intervention of a user.
  3. The implemented solution is managed from the HQ centre.
  4. Observing the standards in effect related to document protection.

An efficient way to work

As claimed by Ionut Postolache – IT MANAGER Eberspaecher Exhaust Technology Romania – the company wanted to use intelligent work modalities and to do so it needed a business partner capable of offering the technological solutions that best meet its needs. "ETA2U reserved time understand our unique needs and the vision of our company as a whole, so that the consultancy they offered helped us to identify the areas where technology could assist us in working more efficiently", declared Ionut Postolache.

The IT Manager, Ionut Postolache concludes: "Our success was built on an innovative approach to technology. Every single decision and solution helped us to improve the products and the services that we offer to our customers. ETA2U helped us to accomplish a 100% functional office environment, which allows us to focus on our main activities and leave the print services to the experts."

For further details, please contact our colleague – Gabriel Mange, Business Unit Manager Image&Print, ETA2U, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..