Initial state

''The EBS Company had a fleet made up of equipment from various producers, which the Procurement and IT departments had a hard time managing, both in terms of the consumable purchase orders and in terms of servicing in case of equipment failure.

The administration of the print server, on which there were dozens of dedicated drivers for every single piece of equipment, also entailed an effort so as to maintain the solution functional if a user moved, a piece of equipment failed or if the equipment installed at the user's premises ran out of consumables", declared Zoltan Pregh, Managed Print Service Consultant ETA2U.


Following the implementation of the print2U Solution of Managed Print Services, the EBS Company managed to optimize both its hardware infrastructure and its administration costs for the entire print solution.

The deliverables of this project were:

  • A fleet of 10 Xerox Workcentre 3655 pieces of equipment, distributed both to the Cluj location and the Timisoara location;
printer EBS
  • A single driver, which serves all the equipment, installed on the existing Print Server in Cluj;
  • Print Roaming, which enables secure access to the printed documents from any piece of equipment integrated in the print solution. The documents follow the user and are available where the user needs them, be it in the Cluj location or in the Timisoara location;

Consequently, both the Procurement department and the IT department were relieved of a multitude of tasks related to the provision of the consumable stock and the management of the printer fleet.

Ionut Istrate, Desk Infrastructure Services Manager – EBS România SA

"The Solution proposed by ETA2U corresponded best to our technical and economical requirements. The YsoftSafeQ equipment fleet monitoring and control application allows us to instantly send all the printed jobs, from Cluj or from Timisoara, to the print server based in Cluj where there is only one driver installed, and from there they are routed to the first piece of equipment on which the user who submitted the job to be printed logs in.

In the near future we intend to expand this solution across EBS's locations in Romania so that our colleagues may take advantage of it.

Print2U allows us to be very flexible and to meet the business needs of our organization."

For further details, please contact our colleague – Gabriel Mange, Business Unit Manager Image&Print, ETA2U, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.