Initial situation 

“When we started collaborating with our customer the company had difficulties related to the management of the fleet because there was no unitary agreement on equipment servicing, but also because of high and time-consuming maintenance costs due to the variety of equipment in the existing fleet. At the same time, an A4 printing solution was needed in the warehouse area, which would allow for an automated distribution of the documents once they were printed..” pointed out Gabriel Manga, Business Unit Manager Image&Print, ETA2U. 

The management of the company resorted to ETA2U's experts and decided it must operate a range of changes.

  • reducing costs and leveling the print & copy equipment park
  • realizing a mix of properly-sized pieces of equipment based on the actual workload and the business needs - monitoring the equipment park
  • local support through service engineers specialized and certified by the equipment manufacturer
  • dedicated helpdesk and on-line access to service cases and open consumable orders

The Solution 

Thus, within the Lexmark BSD (Business Solutions Dealer) program, ETA2U managed, following an audit, to present to the customer organization a proposal of optimization of the existing equipment and of replacement of the inefficient ones, offering therefore an optimal mix of technology and services. 

The main modifications were the following:

  • maintaining in operation 12 pieces of the existing equipment which were cost-efficient
  • reassigning 3 pieces of equipment, to make them meet the needs in terms of workloads realized and costs
  • replacing over 13 pieces of inefficient equipment with cutting-edge Lexmark equipment

For the print jobs in the warehouse we chose Lexmark MS810DE together with 4Bin-Mailbox, a configuration that allows our customer to take advantage both of the superior speed of this equipment, 55 pages/minute and of the extraordinary output and selection capacity provided by the 4 trays holding the exiting printed paper, without compromising the print quality.


Thanks to the implementation of the customized print2U management solution of the equipment fleet, our customer enjoys, at present, a productivity growth related to the print activity, a cost reduction and the improvement of the end-user satisfaction. 

Furthermore, the company takes advantage of Lexmark Mark Vision, a software program that monitors 24x24x7 the equipment fleet, sends alerts related to the equipment status, therefore eliminating downtime. 

“The recommended solution allowed our customer to fulfill his objectives, to reduce his document-production costs by 22% and to lower the document-distribution times, managing thus to respond faster to demands, using a single service partner with a single contact point.”, added Gabriel Manga, Business Unit Manager Image&Print, ETA2U. 

For further details, please contact our colleague – Gabriel Manga, Business Unit Manager Image&Print, ETA2U, at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.