Once again, ETA2U proved its efficiency through the managed print service (MPS), a project implemented successfully within JTI Romania.  

JTI Romania is part of the Japan Tobacco International (JTI) group, a member of the Japan Tobacco (JT) Group, one of the largest producers of tobacco products worldwide. JTI commercializes internationally-renowned brands such as Winston, Mevius and Camel. The company's portfolio also includes the international brands Benson&Hedges, Silk Cut of London, Glamour and LD. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, JTI operates in 120 countries and has around 26,000 employees (www.jti.com).

ETA2U and JTI Romania identified the key questions related to the necessity of the MPS service, highlighting the benefits and formulating the essential objectives and factors required for a successful implementation of this project.


What factors determined the purchase of ETA2U's MPS service?

  • Productivity, which was affected by the old equipment fleet.
  • Difficult management of the equipment fleet because there was no SLA to match the business requirements of JTI International Romania.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs.
  • Lack of time efficiency in terms of management and maintenance of the existing fleet.
  • Lack of monitoring of print workload and print activity.


What are the objectives pursued after having purchased this service?

  • An infusion of technology capable of meeting the current business needs.
  • 100% productivity for the equipment fleet.
  • Monitoring the print activity and real-time access to information on the equipment fleet.
  • Reduction of print services costs.


Solutions & Advantages

Why a partnership with ETA2U and Lexmark? What were the selection criteria? What are the advantages?

The MPS selection criteria were the following:

  • Understanding JTI's requirements as indicated in the project.
  • ETA2U's Compatibility with the technical IT infrastructure of JTI.
  • Cost-efficient rate plans.
  • Flexibility in the fulfillment of the agreement.
  • Completeness of ETA2U's offer as per JTI's requirements.
  • The coverage degree offered by ETA2U on a national level (supply of all the services required by all of JTI's branches in Romania).

 The advantages offered by ETA2U by means of the MPS service:

  • Optimization of the equipment fleet.
  • Installation of a park of more than 200 pieces of cutting-edge Lexmark equipment, resulting in a productivity growth of the print activity and the improvement of end-user satisfaction.
  • Replacement of existing equipment – 22 different models – with only six models, resulting in the homogenization of the equipment fleet; cost reduction, improvement of end-user satisfaction.
  • Implementation of an easier management of consumables.
  • Equipment fleet monitoring software: Lexmark Print Manager and Lexmark Fleet Manager.
  • Implementation of an SLA with a guaranteed level, resulting in productivity growth.

 The MPS service implemented at JTI Romania is placed in ETA2U's portfolio among the successfully-concluded projects. We would like to express our gratitude for the special support and fruitful cooperation shown by JTI Romania's team within this project.

Gabriel Manga

Business Unit Manager Image&Print