The modern business milieu is increasingly connected to electronic documents. More than 77% of the business documents are nowadays generated and managed in electronic format. Taking these figures into account, archiving electronic documents is no longer a mere option, but a must. Yet not all digital archives grant your documents legal value. 

According to expert studies employees lose between 20 and 40% of the time spent at the office looking for various acts and documents. By implementing a professional electronic archiving system all these issues would be history.

With an estimated volume of documents of over 7 million files, improving and streamlining the management capacity of the Public Finances Directorate of the City of Timisoara has become imperative, whereas the number of documents in the City Hall's archive is expected to further increase. Within this context, ETA2U has come up with an electronic archiving solution capable of lowering storage costs and reducing the time required to safely access the documents.

Engaging in this project, after a complex analysis of the existing circumstances and document flows within the client institution, ETA2U configured the document preparation, scanning and archiving flows described below.

The first stage was taking over the files from the beneficiary and sending them to the Document Acquisition and Preparation Center for scanning. Here, ETA2U's specialized operators check the content of the files and prepare the documents to be scanned.

At the Scanning and Indexing Center, each file is processed by ETA2U's operators by means of advanced scanning devices that support various paper sizes, from A5 to A0. Following the scanning operation, the indexing teams acquires the indices from the paper document and attaches them to the electronic document. At the end of this stage, the quality supervisor applies the checksums that are meant to identify and eliminate any possible errors that may occur during the workflow. The end result is a file in electronic format which is an accurate copy of the paper file.

The last stage entails archiving and indexing the electronic files, making the connection between the electronic file and the file of each taxpayer. Thus, the civil servant of the Public Finances will be able to find more easily and within the optimal time, in his Taxes and Levies application, the documents related to each taxpayer. This last stage is taken care of at the Electronic Archiving Center, the operation being carried out by the team of archiving experts.

The electronic archiving solution proposed by ETA2U ensures a significant reduction of the document print, transmission and storage costs, facilitating , at the same time, a quick and safe access to the archived documents. 

For further details with respect to ETA2U's electronic archiving solution, please contact our staff at the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..