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Helpdesk 24/7 – by ETA2U Anytime, anywhere!

In today's world, characterized by speed and lack of time, when each minute means moneythe remote service, via Internet, has become a necessity. Our recommendation? Helpdesk 24/7, a new online service of interaction between the Helpdesk ETA2U team and our customers, available 24/24h and 7 days a week.
Helpdesk 24/7 is an IT remote service, made possible through direct connection between your computer and the computer of the Helpdesk 24/7 operator, via web, pending your acceptance.
With a portfolio of over 20.000 PC's and over 800 servers included in contracts, Helpdesk 24/7 is the division that ensures professional services, IT solution and technical support for customers, both natural persons or business, at their homes, premises or via web. With a vast experience in the field and based on the know-howof the IT service market, the Helpdesk 24/7 team delivers professionalism, promptitude and quality services. The field engineers team and ticket allocation at higher support levels are also performed at this level.
Any ticket for support request can be opened via:
The technical support phone number, 0256.277.577 (Helpdesk ETA2U). The Helpdesk operator shall perform, together with the requester:

  • Incident classification:
    • activity impact (user, department/group or general [business])
    • emergency level
    • ticket type (incident, service request)
  • Diagnose, in order to try to solve the problem via telephone or to prepare onsite intervention
  • Via e-mail at the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Remote assistance (without on-site intervention) through the ETA2U site: Upon the Beneficiary's agreement, a program shall be installed in order to automate the connexion via1click2u
  • The Beneficiary shall inform, during the call, about the equipment number on the ETA2U service tag [if the Beneficiary accepts equipment labeling]
  • The Provider shall document every intervention through an intervention sheet that shall be signed by the Beneficiary.
  • The Provider shall send the Beneficiary the list of interventions for each month of activity

For further details related to this service you may contact our colleagues from the Helpdesk department: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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