ZAX Solution offers full product traceability, starting from the procurement of raw materials and the internal movements all the way up to the sale to the end client. Every single interaction with a certain product is recorded, making it possible to always know who, when and where changes were made to the status of that specific product. The implementation of a traceability solution is a clear proof of the high-quality of production and a way to contain production waste and damages caused by faulty products.


The ZAX Solution modules may be integrated with other existing software solutions and production control equipment, PLC, SCADA, HMI. The data received from the sensors and the operators assigned to the specific level of production are collected in real time and enable monitoring of current situations, automatic alerts on detection of deviations from the set parameters, automatic reading of progress for each production order being executed or production analyses correlated to the sales and to procurement.


ZAX Agents is the component of the ZAX solution which is available for mobile operating systems. ZAX Agents is built around mobility, offering the possibility to collect relevant data from the client's location, using an intuitive interface.


Zax Mes provides a high-level visibility of the production, the collected data can be accessed in real time and they allow a reduction of the planning and execution start times, a reduction of the stocks and a minimization of the number of faulty products. ZAX Solution has proved its reliability in the production environment running 24/7 in the last 11 years. The solution is available on-premise and cloud as a client-server application.

The following were developed on the ZAX platform:

  • ZAX Park - - a vehicle fleet management solution
  • ZAX Farm - an animal farm management solution

 Both solutions are available as Saas.