We support the development of your company by integrating IT in all the processes of the organization, so that IT may become a growth factor for productivity and profitability. Through our products and services we cover the whole range of needs of the IT system, whether we speak about business applications, datacentres, personal computing equipment, document printing and multiplication solutions, data transmission, control and security and many more. ETA2U services and solutions are conceived to support optimization of the business processes of our customers and to contribute decisively to significant cost cutting while observing the highest quality norms.
We are continuously rallying to the IT market trends. We are involved in European-scale research and development projects and we participate to the development of innovative technologies and solutions of the future that we offer to our customers before they become universally available on the market, thus providing them with a competitive business advantage.
We are continuously investing in our human resource through staff certification and specialization, we encourage new ideas and we adapt to requirements through flexibility and inventiveness.


VISION To become the preferred supplier of business customers in Romania.


Having customer orientation as priority, ETA2U undertakes the mission to supply professional IT products and services as integrated solutions of high quality, adapted to the customer’s needs, delivered in time and at the most competitive prices.


1. Communication

Communication To ETA2U, the most important resource is its people. Openness to dialogue, proactivity and identification of specific customer needs reflect the basis and premises for the development of a successful business.

2. Cooperation

We believe that teamwork and flexibility ensure the development of an environment of trust, enthusiasm and creativity. This framework of cooperation reflects permanently in our relationship with each customer enabling us to identify, develop and implement the most efficient solutions for the benefit of our customers.

3. Performance

Our desire to be the best, to put into value our own potential in accordance with the highest quality norms, along with our openness to innovation and dynamism are factors that recommend us for the development of win-win partnerships with customers and technology producers. The value of the performance and capabilities of ETA2U team is confirmed by numerous certifications and professional training courses graduated, guaranteeing the expertise and competence that we put at our customer’s disposal.

4. Passion and Responsibility

Passion for technology associated with an attitude of responsibility – both individual and collective – define us as a company dedicated to generate added value for our customer.

5. Integrity

High standards of professional ethics are the base of ETA2U management strategy. Honest, transparent practices as well as our consequently applied competence create a good reputation among IT suppliers and have consolidated our position as a stable and trustworthy partner. This set of assumed values of the company and reflected in the daily activity of our staff is the basis that allowed ETA2U to be actively involved in the implementation of innovative technologies with positive impact on the overall community.

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