The sustained technological advancements in our present society makes professional development increasingly important. Encouraging people to gain the right skills is important in all aspects; employees need to adapt in order to meet new work requirements and to benefit on better job opportunities, businesses need to have access to a highly prepared work force in order to be competitive.

An important step toward achieving this objective is to encourage companies to support professional development for the next generation.

ETA2U Innovation, one of the eight business units in ETA2U, is actively supporting professional development for students from local university centers. ETA2U innovation provides annual development programs targeted to bring students and freshly graduates in contact with real work environments.

One program is providing a 2-week job practice during summer break in one of our labs or offices for students to understand and familiarize with requirements of a real work environment.

Another program is sustaining students in last year with their degree thesis to select a state of the art topic and to perform research that can be directly applied to industry standards.

Training and professional development imply two effort in two directions, one is knowledge gathering, which is gathered in school, but also in specialized training programs mostly funded by companies; and second, applying knowledge to create new improved products. ETA2U Innovation is dedicated to sustain new ideas and innovation, and turn knowledge and creativity into amazing useful products. Few examples of such products are:

Radio Transmission Monitor for LoRa communication. Dissertation performed by Patricia Varga – Masters in Driving Electric Power Systems.

Remote Monitoring For Electrical Energy Consumers. Degree Thesis presented by Laurentiu Stef – Engineering of Electroenergetic Systems

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