• HELLA ROMANIA SRL – ‘Low current systems for video surveillance (video system for HRO-A)’
  • MAHLE COMPONENTE DE MOTOR S.R.L.  – ‘Video camera security system & Upgrade to the current video system’
  • PROFI ROM FOOD S.R.L. – ‘Video surveillance system design and installation; Fire alarm system design and installation; Anti-burglary alarm system design and installation; Access control system design and installation’
  • ORȘOVA SHIPYARD – Video Surveillance
  • DELPHI PACKARD ROMANIA – Network infrastructure


  • AGASI SRL – ‘Direct execution and completion of all low current electrical works under project ‘City Business Development Centre – Support Structure for Innovative Business in Timisoara – Building no. 4 (D)’
  • BANAT UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES AND VETERINARY MEDICINE IN TIMIȘOARA – ‘Video surveillance, access control and structured cabling system" CPV code: 35120000-1 Surveillance and security systems and devices (Rev.2), 45314300-4 Installation of cable infrastructure (Rev.2)"
  • FM ROMANIA SRL – ‘IT, Phone, Video, Anti-Burglary Alarm and Video Surveillance Cabling’
  • UNIVERSITY OF ORADEA – ‘Acquisition of equipment and related services required for project extension’
  • UNIVERSITY OF ORADEA  - ‘Supply of equipment required to implement project ‘HURO/0802/012_AF- High-Speed Next Generation Network Integration between University of Oradea and University of Debrecen’ funded by the 2007-2013 Hungary-Romania Cross-border Co-operation Programme’
  • SAP ROMANIA - Network infrastructure
  • COTTONTEX - Video Surveillance, Fire Detection


  • WEST UNIVERSITY OF TIMIȘOARA – ‘ Acquisition of one supercomputer’
  • ELBA – New production facility Industrial shops + Offices - Network infrastructure.


  • AGASI SRL - ‘Direct execution and completion of all low current electrical works: Drafting of infrastructure and data center design project; Execution of works at the voice/data communications infrastructure and low current network’
  • CONTITECH FLUID ROMANIA – Access Control, Video Surveillance and network infrastructure layout works


  • MODATIM SA - ‘Direct execution and completion of all low current electrical works’


  • ENEL - Integration and remote control of security systems within 58 transformer substations in 4 counties. Network infrastructure, access control, video surveillance, alarm, dispatch center for monitoring and grouped control of transformer substation security systems


  • D&C ORADEA -  Video Surveillance, Access Control, Anti-Burglary Alarm, Fire Detection, Voice&Data & Wireless Network, Data Center Systems
  • KAUFLAND PLOIEȘTI – Voice&Data Network, Video Surveillance, Telephone, Intercom Systems


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