Under the umbrella of ZAXSolution, ETA2U Innovation also has a portfolio of specific software solutions for companies to improve internal management and customer relationship.

ZAXDepozit - Stocks are easily managed in ZAXDeposit. Our solution provides all the necessary components for labeling and identifying goods using barcode or RFID, tracking the movement of products through all receipt or transfer documents made, as well as direct sales to end customers. Through the unique labeling system ZAXDepozit offers detailed traceability of all raw material movements. Read more..

ZAXFerma - provides the tools needed to manage an animal farm, managing livestock flow from breeding rearing, identification and registration of animals in compliance with ANSVSA (Veterinary Sanitary Veterinary and Animal Safety) rules in force. Read more...

ZAXMes - is a solution for serial production based on the recipe and technological steps through which you can plan and track production tasks. ZAXMes ensures the quality of the products and the high visibility of the raw material consumption and the operations performed.