The clouds have transformed and continue to transform the IT industry. The evolution of the IT environment has reached the phase in which the computer cloud is broadly used. Thousands of devices access and use the advantages provided by the cloud.

From the time when the cloud notion appeared in 2009, it has become the IT area with the greatest market growth.
The cloud ensures flexibility for the information management, as well as for the infrastructure management. A company must no longer hold the entire physical infrastructure; instead, it can conclude contracts for services with a cloud provider. The infrastructure thus created can be scaled up and down, according to the customers’ needs at that time.

Adopting the cloud solutions leads to diminishing the costs for companies because the resource use efficiency is much bigger for the service providers. Another major advantage concerns the increase of business dynamics, thus that the business plans are implemented much faster.

According to the physical location of the infrastructure, several cloud types were found: private, private with external management, private hosted, shared, and public. Based on the need to observe various norms, one may choose one of those solutions. The costs diminish as one moves further of the private cloud category towards the public one.


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