ETA2U INNOVATION, ETA2U’s innovation and research division, proudly and enthusiastically announces the permanent accreditation of the ETA2U Innovation Technology Transfer Center for Information and Communication Technologies. This accreditation is provided by the Ministry of Research and Innovation by Order no. 162 of 28.02.2019, and reflects the company's ongoing effort to perform in every activity it is involved in. Thus CTT ETA2U Innvoation is part of the national innovation and technology transfer infrastructure.

Through this new accreditation, ETA2U presents its partners with a new opportunity for growth and development in the technology segment through consulting, analysis, pilot projects and study documentation. There is a constant concern to provide business value added to companies that want a partnership with ETA2U and increase their competitiveness on the axis on which they operate.

Innovation involves a new approach and refers to the improvement of products, services, processes, methods, forms of organization, market, etc. It encompasses the whole process, starting from the idea itself, development and production, making and launching on the market.

Technology transfer is a process of transferring scientific and technological information, knowledge, means of exploitation and intellectual property rights to third parties for the manufacture of a product, the development of a process or the provision of a service.

During the pre-accreditation period, the Technology Transfer Center ETA2U Innovation benefited from a one-year provisional authorization for the development of specific consultancy activities. During this year, CTT ETA2U Innovation successfully succeeded in conducting pilot projects on emerging Industrial IoT technologies and innovative implementations aimed at increasing the competitiveness of organizations.

With the involvement of the CTT, ETA2U innovation has developed 4 new, innovative and unique products on the market:

  • ZAXSense - IoT solution for monitoring production and OEE computing machinery
  • AquaWAN - LoRa protocol for water meters
  • LoRaWAN4environment - solution for tracking and reporting environmental parameters
  • ZAX0Paper - solution for the digitization of the production environment.
    In this case, ETA2U INNOVATION is an accredited entity that ensures this process of technology transfer to third parties in a safe and efficient environment.