BMS (Building Management System) – this system may integrate signals coming from various types of equipment such as (electrical, video surveillance, access control, lighting and ventilation). Moreover, if host systems allow it, the BMS system may not only receive alerts, but also run certain commands remotely.

The BMS advantages include:

For building occupants:

  1. Effective control of indoor comfort level
  2. Temperature may be individually controlled in each and every room
  3. Higher staff productivity
  4. Extender service life of the building
  5. Much shorter response times in case of malfunctions as compared to buildings not integrating the BMS technology
  6. Cost savings on maintenance

For building owner:

  1. Higher sums may be collected from rent
  2. Consumption metering may be individually monitored and invoiced
  3. Effective local and remote control of various in-building systems
  4. Instant monitoring and transmission of alerts in case of failure

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