From the experience of implemented projects, we found out that organizations that actively manage their printing environment using solutions such as print2U can create important savings (up to 30 %) of the costs associated to document printing and scanning. Savings can be derived from the following aspects:

  • increase of the assets’ profitability through the extension of the equipment’s life duration, by using a program of preventive and proactive maintenance
  • Reduction of costs related to purchasing printing equipment (printers, multifunction equipment, fax machines, scanners) through a better use of the current fleet
  • Improved cost management through continuous monitoring
  • Improvement of employee productivity through optimal distribution of equipment in the network
  • Reduction of administration costs through consolidated invoicing of services, equipment and supplies by a single supplier.
  • Reduction of the space used by printing equipment
  • Significant decrease in the number of equipment used and increased efficiency of interconnection
  • Increase of employee efficiency – not necessarily an upgrade of equipment, but rather an upgrade of the use of its functions
  • Simplified administration of the budget for product purchasing – detailed calculation and greater efficiency of costs
  • Possibility of planning future IT expenses
  • Increase of the activity, material and equipment quality

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