• A solid, mature and flexible company that adapts to the market and requirements.
  • The added value that we bring to our customer is highlighted by our national territorial expansion (through branches and partners) and the notoriety of the ETA2U brand.
  • Similar experience on IT Projects, based on expertise and supported by references.
  • Availability to approach severe problems and to work under time pressure or under other constraints from our customers.
  • Continuously trained personnel with certifications recognized nationally and internationally, including over 100 IT engineers and technicians trained to provide technical support and authorized service, since ETA2U is an Authorized Service Center for major IT brands.
  • Working procedures are in accordance with quality standards.
  • Access to latest technologies and innovations through strategic partnerships with the most valuable global IT brands.
  • Ability to import products directly from international producers.
  • Customers can reduce costs or risks related to the implementation of new equipment or technologies by testing them in the ETA2U Demo Center.
  • Increasing the efficiency of the IT staff of other companies through trainings held by certified trainers (over 1000 courses from the portfolio of the major industry players)


           Evolution of ETA2U turnover during 2005-2020 (millions lei)

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