The demand for the implementation of IT solutions was larger, both from the local companies and the multinational corporations. The company attracted dozens of new clients last year. 

 ETA2U, based in Timisoara, the largest integrator of IT&C solutions outside the area of Bucharest, went beyond the turnover threshold of 150 million lei and succeeded in increasing its profitability by 80%, 2015 becoming therefore the best year for the local integrator as far as financial results are concerned. ETA2U's business grew last year by almost 40% as compared to 2014, to 152 million lei, a growth generated mainly by the bigger demand of the private sector, i.e. the local companies and multinational corporations that invest more in technology. In 2014, ETA2U's business turnover was 112 million lei and its net profit was 2.7 million lei, according to the data presented by the Ministry of Finance.

"First of all we intensified our collaboration with the Romanian private companies and the multinational corporations against a background of re-engineering, expansion or investments in technology that they carried out. Around 85% of ETA2U's turnover comes from the private sector - IT integrators or end users of our competences" explained Stelian Campianu, ETA2U's Executive Director, commenting on the evolution of the financial ratios achieved in 2015.

He added that alongside the revitalization of the market, the results obtained are also due to the consolidation of the relationships with our partners. ETA2U's activity, a company founded in 1992 in Timisoara and owned by Romulus Lucaciu, is divided into 6 departments focused on retail hardware, printing equipment, IT infrastructure solutions and equipment, research and development, IT service and specialized training. ETA2U currently also has branch offices in other 7 cities in Romania, including the capital, and it has a total number of over 240 employees.  

All the departments of the company, except for the one focused on retail, recorded a growth last year.

"With the exception of our retail division, all the business units of ETA2U achieved significant growths. This means that the increase of the turnover was a sound one, not an increase stemming from the capitalization of some singular opportunity" pointed out Campianu.

None of the company's current clients has a share of more than 10% of the turnover and, in general, the value of the agreements concluded with one client is of about 3-4% of ETA2U's total income.

Last year the IT&C integrator managed to attract dozens of new clients and to extend the agreements with its existing clients for additional services.

"We are talking dozens of new clients attracted in 2015. A more interesting fact is that we managed to add to our current deliveries services with a certain degree of technical complexity, too, with clients for whom we used to only deliver equipment. This kind of projects usually is carried out for multinational corporations", said Campianu.

Among the largest projects carried out last year by ETA2U there are the implementation of IT outsourcing and infrastructure solutions for a furniture manufacturing company, building a data center for a large-sized retailer in the FMCG industry and for a large retailer in the home improvement sector, the implementation of an IT security solution in the banking sector and of an outsourcing solution for the printing services for a company in the automotive industry.

With respect to having increased the company profitability by 80% last year, to 4.7 million lei, Campianu explained that the positive evolution is the result of the investments made by the company in the previous years for the development and preservation of technical competences in the hope of a revival of sales.

"At the end of the day a gross profit of 3.6% is a small but usual one, we would say, in the IT industry that is not only competitive, but also experiencing a change of the technological paradigm. In this case we took advantage of the leverage due to the turnover increase given that in 2015 we managed to deliver projects with a higher added value: training, implementation of infrastructure solutions, recurrent IT services, outsourcing of IT competences and so on."

ETA2U organizes the largest annual IT conference outside the capital city

The Timisoara-based company also organizes, every year in May, an event dedicated to the business milieu on occasion of which it presents the new technologies and IT solutions of the relevant technological brands in the world, such as Microsoft, Cisco or Intel.

The event, known as the IT Congress, gathers every year around 1000 participants who are offered a series of presentation sessions and workshops of the latest technologies developed by the IT giants.  Therefore, ETA2U is trying to change the mentality of the business environment in Romania with respect to the investments in the IT solutions.

Article published in the printed edition of  Ziarului Financiar on May 12, 2016