ETA2U – Centru Autorizat de Service ASUS.

The first days of 2013 have brought us the official confirmation from ASUS Holland BV of ETA2U’s status of ASUS Authorized Service Centre.

This certification represents in fact a recognition of the professional capabilities and competences of the young team of technical specialists in the ItServiceInHouseTm department, part of the ETA2U’s IT Service division. Thus, after a year of intensive training, with dedicated specialized training courses and after having passed specific, highly difficult exams, the young engineers of ETA2U have been officially accredited as experts in servicing ASUS equipment.

Therefore, starting with January 2013, ETA2U can repair during and post warranty ASUS laptops, notebooks and netbooks. So anyone interested only need to send the equipment to be repaired together with a copy of the purchasing invoice of the product to ETA2U (as pickup & return, all costs are born by ETA2U a €“ details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Good news do not come alone, but in packages: we have in stock “over 10 cubic meters” of ASUS spare parts (motherboards, hard-disks, displays, memories, etc).

Therefore, repair time is shortened considerably, to the satisfaction of ETA2U customers. In the current circumstances, we estimate that the usual time of solving a claim of this kind would be of 1-2 days. In the case of parts that need to be imported, since they are not in our current stock, the repair duration will be extended up to maximum 14 days.

We welcome you to any of ETA2U IT Service Centers. For any questions related to ASUS equipment warranty, please
send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About ETA2U:
Established in the year 1992 in Timisoara, ETA2U company went on to become in a very short time the preferred supplier of advanced IT equipment and technologies
in western and central Romania, on a continuously developing and changing market.

Our consolidation as market leader was ensured by the quality and diversity of our products, solutions and services, as well as by the competences of or specialists from all the group's divisions: ETA2U Computer, ETA2U IT SERVICE, ETA2U IMAGE&PRINT, ETA2U INFRASTRUCTURE, ETA2U DISTRIBUTION, ETA2U COMPUTER STORE, ETA2U TRAINING CENTER.

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