ETA2U extinde colaborarea cu partenerul strategic HP

ETA2U has a been collaborating for a long time with Hewlett-Packard, as Gold partner. This collaboration has brought important benefits for the customers of ETA2U, the projects implemented in 2012 amounting at over 1M USD.

The strategic decision to extend this collaboration with Hewlett-Packard company is materialized in February 2013 by obtaining the status of ServiceOne Specialist. This achievement was possible through the efforts of the sales and IT engineering teams.

As HP ServiceOne specialist, ETA2U is qualified to plan and deliver complex projects during the entire lifecycle
of an IT solution. As ServiceOne specialist, ETA2U has the necessary capability to quiclty asses and implement new software and hardware technologies provided by Hewlett-Packard. At the same time, we can offer options of proactive assistance for the optimization of the entire IT system, as required in the
improvement of our customers' services.

We offer our customers the support of a team of certified professionals in order to provide you with a vast and deep understanding of the technology's standards of the Hewlett-Packard product portfolio.

For further information: Mrs. Nadia Mena - HP Product Manager ETA2U, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; tel. +4 0256.277.570

About Eta2u:

Established in the year 1992 in Timisoara, ETA2U company went on to become in a very short time the preferred supplier of advanced IT equipment and technologies
in western and central Romania, on a continuously developing and changing market.

Our consolidation as market leader was ensured by the quality and diversity of our products, solutions and services, as well as by the competences of or specialists from all the group's divisions: ETA2U Computer, ETA2U IT SERVICE, ETA2U IMAGE&PRINT, ETA2U INFRASTRUCTURE, ETA2U DISTRIBUTION, ETA2U COMPUTER STORE, ETA2U TRAINING CENTER.

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