Tehnologii end-to-end“

ETA2U together with DELL and Intel, organizes Thursday, April 18th 2013, at Grand Hotel Italia from Cluj-Napoca, the “DELL - End-to-end technologies” event

DELL representatives, together with ETA2U direct partner, will discuss about DELL’s new strategy whose aim is to provide complete solutions to customers, based on their needs.

New DELL acquisitions and latest technologies in software, application optimization, security and virtualization shall be introduces.

About ETA2U:

ETA2U is the market leader in suppying IT products and services and the main complex IT solutions integrator from central and western Romania. We have gained our leader position on the market due to the diversity and quality of our products, services and solutions we provide, but also due to the competences of our specialists from all the divisions in the group. For further information we invite you to visit our site www.eta2u.ro.

About DELL Inc. :

It is one of the main global actors in the IT&C domain that sells a wide range of products and services directly and indirectly to consumers from all over the world.

For further information on Dell and their products or services, please visit: www.dell.com.

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