ETA2U susţine inițiativa alergotura

ETA2U has decided to support the Alergotura initiative, therefore on September 20th – 21st, ETA2U was besides the people who ran for health.

Run to be healthy and fit. Alergotura and ETA2U launch a small challenge for you, but an important one for the city, because together we want to find out: “Timisoara, are you fit?”-, that's how the invitation to run of ETA2U and Alergotura sounded like.

“Timisoara, are you fit?” is an anniversary event for Alergotura that marks 1000 laps of running round the city and an invitation to a healthy run for all the people in Timisoara, organized on the occasion of the European Mobility Week September 16th – 22nd 2013, in collaboration with Timisoara City Hall.

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