ETA2U premiază ideile inovatoare

In accordance with the latest market trends, ETA2U is constantly active on the Research-Development-Innovation market and applies to projects initiated and financed by the European Commission.

Innovation is an important topic in these projects since innovative ideas are those that, once they are turned into IT solutions, will improve our lives in the future.

“In the context of globalization and fast evolution of the IT market, higher IT integration in society and business, solutions address domains more and more complex and, implicitly, research-development-innovation is running at an accelerated pace and high scale. Being present in the research-innovation market is a must for ETA2U since only this way we can participate each day at the development of tomorrow's products” – says Mr. Bogdan Grecu, ETA2U Business Development Manager.

ETA2U has a particular appreciation for innovation. In December 2013 we have organized the first internal contest where we have awarded the most important innovative ideas. In this context, ETA2U employees had the possibility to put their creativity to the test and the most brilliant ideas have won.

“Considering the fact that our ideas compete with ideas from the other 27 EU member countries, competition shall be tough. Therefore, ideas must be “daring”, not implemented already from any reasons and at the same time must be linked to the IT domain” – has recommended Mr. Romulus Lucaciu, ETA2U General Manager, to his colleagues.

When pointing out ideas, besides the novelty factor, the following aspects were also analyzed:

Excellence: the objective must be clearly stated, pertinent, credible and preferably cross-disciplinary.

Impact: it should create a competitive position, to create value/jobs/products with a high degree of innovation in the market, to be socially relevant, to address a new domain in an innovative manner.


The winners of the contest organized in December 2013 are:

1st place: 27% of the votes, Andrei Ardelean – Helpdesk Technician
2nd place: 25% of the votes, Ramona Manea – Distribution Sales Representative
3rd place: 25% of the votes, Lucian Gheorghe – Strategic Brand Manager
3rd place: 23% of the votes, Florena Birou – Bidding responsible

“It was exciting to discover the creativity and innovative spirit of our colleagues. We had a lot of debates to understand your ideas in detail” stated Mr. Romulus Lucaciu, ETA2U General Manager

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