HP PageWide

Business moves fast. A professional impression is essential. Exceptional office printing helps set a fast pace, pshes projects forward, makes the team work more efficiently and increases the profit.

Traditionally, in the world of office printing, you had to choose between ink and laser. If you needed fast prints, at a professional quality, with a low cost per page for workgroups, general opinion favored laser printers. If you were looking for a personal economy printer of a printer that could be shared by several people, you would have probably chosen an ink-based model. But with the HP Officejet Pro X series, the story changed.

Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds, laser and ink as well, with a series of key advantages that no other office printer on the market can match. It all starts with the HP PageWide technology. Years in a row we have used this printing system in our top digital printing presses. Now, for the first time, you can have in an office printer all the benefits of this technology with demonstrated performance. The secret is a stationary printing head that stretches over the whole width of the paper, enabling an exceptionally reliable printing, through only one pass, at amazing speeds. In fact, this product prints in vivid colors at a speed almost double as compared to color laser printers – up to 70 pages per minute. And unlike laser printers, there is no fuser that requires heating, therefore the first page is printed fast, in only 9,5 seconds.

Revolutionary speed, professional quality?

By using the HP PageWide revolutionary technology, HP Officejet Pro X-series printers and multifunction equipment reach up to twice the speed and up to half the printing cost of color laser printers.2 This new class of devices provide the best of both technologies, ink and toner, including:


• High printing speed, up to 70 pages per minute in General office quality mode

• Great savings for the cost per page, up to 50% lower as compared with color laser printers

• Printing quality without compromise, reliability and power saving

• Compatibility with the networks of large corporations for management and workflow solutions


The original HP pigment inks provide printings at an extraordinary quality and avoid littering for a large range of paper types. Moreover, companies can save money due to low acquisition and operation costs. Additional money and resource savings can be achieved with the qualified ENERGY STAR® devices.


How does the HP PageWide technology reach a revolutionary speed?


The HP PageWide technology incorporates advances commercial printing technologies that have proven their efficiency and adapts them to small work groups. Thousands of minuscule nozzles – integrated in a fixed printing head that stretches over the entire paper width – applies simultaneously the original HP pigmented ink, in four colors, on a moving sheet of paper. Since the paper is moving while the printing head stand still, the HP Officejet Pro X series printers are silent and durable, with speeds comparable with laser printers and a fast first page printing speed.

The HP Officejet Pro X series provides by default the possibility to print on both sides, it has two paper trays, and the copy, scan and fax functions can be found on the multifunction model.


The key elements of the HP PageWide technology platform responsible for the high printer reliability and quality include:

• A matrix of 42.240 nozzles exposed on the whole width of the page that generate ink drops with uniform weight, speed and direction

• A native resolution of 1.200 nozzles per inch for high constant printing quality

• HP pigment inks that offer controlled interaction between ink and paper; high color saturation; particularly clear and dark color text and fast drying

• Precise control of paper movement for a trustworthy print quality and reliable operation

• Automatic detection of proper nozzle operation, active and passive substitution of nozzles and automatic repair of the printing head for extra confidence in the printing quality.


Forget everything you thought you knew about office printers. Choose the reliability provided by the HP PageWide technology.

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