Job Accounting is a complete monitoring solution for all printing workflows. Reduce operating costs, increase profit and unblock IT resources! Moreover, the ROI in this solution is realized in approximately one year.

Job Accounting solutions control print resources and reduce unauthorised use of printing equipment and suppliers in your company. We have solutions to help you manage access to printing and multifunction equipment or to assign your printers and multifunction equipment per user, department, project or cost center.

In order to have a clear overview of the printing and copying activities in your company, it is recommended to implement accounting and monitoring of the printing and copying activities at your employees' level. The Job Accounting solutions shall continuously provide real data about your printing and copying environment, enabling you to make informed management decisions.

Our Job Accounting solutions monitor the whole network and the printing activities so that your company can finally know how much it spends on each printed page.

The software shall tell you exactly which employee print or copy, what they print and copy, where they send the materials and when they use your document production equipment. It shall centralize and sum up this information for each employee, printing or copying equipment and location, so that it may be analyzed.

This solution is easy to implement, it requires little training, it has a minimal impact on activities and, in most cases, generates a return of investment in approximately one year.


  • simple interface for end users
  • user activity monitoring with regard to printed, copied and scanned documents
  • user control on the number of printed pages through the introduction of individual quotas
  • it allows monitoring and control of all interactions (including their history) between users, infrastructure and multifunction equipment
  • group management – facilities or restrictions established on groups of users
  • keeping documents in a printing queue until they are released by an authorized person – thus ensuring confidentiality of printed information
  • detailed diagrams and statistics
  • centralized reports through a single click
  • it allows audit and analysis of document production and related costs;
  • it discovers utilized equipment and printing networks, both for documents that the employees print directly from their computer and for those they print through networks or print servers;
  • it monitors and records detailed information about the printing activities of the employees on any of the monitored print equipment;
  • it calculates real document production costs for every location, printing equipment and employee separately;
  • it enables a centralized management of the document production environment;
  • it ensures a much better control of your printing and copying equipment fleet and optimizes costs. It monitors equipment usage, document titles and printing costs to determine optimal positioning and use of equipment and to help recover and reallocate costs;
  • it provides a complete solution, from original sale up to continuous support and maintenance along the way. The acquired software helps you optimize the usage of printing equipment and associated costs with a quality solution;
  • it ensures productivity growth directly proportional with the decrease of IT resources required for the printing and copying systems and timing required for abstract statistics and forecasts.

Job Accounting specific instruments are designed so as to provide administrators information related to printing, scanning and copying activities performed by each user, on each equipment. With multiple advantages, of course.

Proactive printing management:

  • it enables budget planning, activity balancing, cost calculation and prevents the use of printing equipment by unauthorized persons, with no impact on network performance;
  • it identifies problems and future acquisitions. It creates reports per division, project, server, equipment, user, location and organization level. You can count on accurate and up-to-date data that can be used to generate derivative costs for any printing equipment in the company.
  • it generates reports per e-mail automatically, based on which you can make informed managed decisions;

Increased operational efficiency:

  • it frees IT resources.

The solution adds new users and equipment automatically to the company's Job Accounting database, so that you have more time to focus on the high level management and on activities of utmost importance for your business;

  • it prevents unauthorized usage.

It restricts access of certain users to a limited number of monochrome or color page per month, in certain time intervals, for different types of equipment, thus limiting excessive and abusive use of equipment within the working environment, so that budgets can be respected;

  • it provides detailed information, even for high printing volumes.

Besides the numerous monitoring parameters available, this solution is created to support millions of pages per month for enterprise companies and not only;

  • Once installed on the server, the Job Accounting software shall automatically configure different equipment and all users.

Allocated printing costs:

  • Optional sofware enable user authentication, control of access to instruments and usage monitoring, integrating the printing network with Activity and data that would generate a utilization profile for the intelligible equipment;
  • It allows precise allocation of costs to users and groups, ensuring informed and on-time decisions making based on accurate data;
  • It exports the data to another management system, in frequently used formats. Exported files are compatible with most data bases and management systems, providing astonishing flexibility.

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