The market is changing constantly, and setting up clear manufacturing processes that can be flexibly adapted and optimized for these changes – cannot be achieved without a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Thus, the necessity of an MES system becomes increasingly important.

Why is the implementation of an MES solution important for your firm? To a manufacturer, the objectives of the organization are quite clear: high quality of products, reduced expenses and best transport and delivery times. These objectives cannot be achieved without the assistance of an MES solution, while an isolated implementation that does not include all required elements can become a failure. This risk can be avoided by choosing a complete ZaxMES solution.

To forecast sales, the production manager should know when the product is available. Therefore, we must check whether production has started, calculate the production cycle, consider the information obtained from its testing and during the whole cycle we must consider the required raw material and plan deliveries.

All this information can be provided by MES solutions in real time and automatically, directly to the responsible personnel which can redistribute the processed information. This way, time is no longer wasted on redirecting information on paper support and through different command cores. Therefore, ZaxMES together with different control systems enable production units to operate without paper.

How can your company limit the financial impact generated by the withdrawal of a batch of non-conforming products? The image impact for an organization can be considerable if non-conforming products are not withdrawn after a single such item is identified. These risks cannot be reduced unless a MES solution is used. ZaxMES tracks both documents of origin as well as distribution documents for each part of the end product.

In the case of a non-conforming product, one can precisely identify the affected batch, thus reducing financial impact. The use of ZaxMES enables the simulation and trial of production processes, with the modification of parameters, ensuring maximum production performance at low costs.

With the help of ZaxMES one can create a perfect integration of the ERP, SCM and SSM elements required in your organization. Information related to the manufacturing process, such as: equipment load, warehouse stock levels and transit time are used directly into the production panning and coordination system. At the same time, current MES information ensure the optimization of all production processes – from order creation to the end product.

ZaxMES provides assistance including in the fulfillment of all requirements related to safe traceability of batches.



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