Solutii Active Directory

The underlying concept of a Microsoft infrastructure is Active Directory. In addition to authentication and authorization mechanisms, AD also provides support for other services (certificate services, federation etc.) the maximum efficiency being achieved by customized configurations based on the actual needs.


Solutions such as Active Directory, Messaging, Web Services, Database, Remote Installation and Configuration are effective solutions and bring more competitiveness in organizations where they are implemented.

Exchange – Microsoft’s Advanced e-mail solution helps increase productivity, security and provides advanced control of resources. You can configure a solution suited to the needs of the company, with the version of its own servers, hosted or hybrid configuration servers. Advanced capabilities are made available, such as DLP (Data Loss Prevention - Preventing loss of confidential data) and mailboxes located to facilitate collaboration.

Sharepoint - A web solution, by means of which companies can store, organize and access information using any device. The only thing required is a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox).

Lync - A platform for unified communication, including instant messaging, online meetings, phone or video call, presence information, document sharing.

Using Office 365 cloud solution, you get real-time access to your Office data and applications from anywhere.  Thanks to the cloud servers for Exchange, Lync, SharePoint and even for Active Directory, you simply stop caring about your equipment. The management of updates is performed automatically. Office applications may be used as usual or they may be replaced by web versions that run in the browser.

The main business benefit of an infrastructure based on Active Directory is productivity, both in terms of users’ standpoint and the standpoint of infrastructure administrators. Productivity is the result of centralized management of all the IT resources with direct implications for cost reduction.

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