Solutii Monitorizare

If you have noticed an increase in the number of IT incidents within your infrastructure, some of which could have been prevented, ETA2U can help you prevent and troubleshoot such incidents.  Using modern monitoring systems, the occurrence of certain incidents may be anticipated, while for the incidents that cannot be prevented, the signaling time may be minimized, which automatically implies reducing the troubleshooting time.

Infrastructure monitoring is performed by specialized applications running on ETA2U’s servers and warns of any changes of status of the services running on your servers, by sending alerts to the staff in charge. These services are aimed at increasing the performance and availability of servers so that they work at full capacity and safely.

Among the benefits of monitoring, there are:

  • reducing the response time in the event of an incident
  • reducing downtime
  • quick detection of causes of performance-related issues of certain infrastructure components
  • preventing incidents

The main benefit of monitoring is that it establishes a metric and outlines a clear vision based on figures of the current information system status, highlighting the areas with low efficiency and outlining the future investment perspective in close correlation with the  company’s business development.

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