Solutii IT Vizualizare

When each application requires its dedicated server, but the number of servers would pose serious space, cooling and budget problems, ETA2U can give you advice on your choice of virtualization solutions and will provide advanced configuration services. 

Server Virtualization is the technology that has changed the IT industry, providing a level of efficiency and capabilities that simply are not possible in the physical world. In time, the server virtualization has continued to grow and advance.

There are many benefits to an IT or business organization when it chooses to implement a virtualization strategy.

Server Virtualization

Accredited specialists in VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix are available to you for the most complex implementations, fitted to any organization, from SMEs to public institutions and multinational corporations. Server virtualization is a part of the current trend in the IT industry, which also includes virtualization of storage, networks and the IT resource management. 

This trend is part of a computational automation development, where the equipment would be able to be managed automatically based on the observed activity. 

By virtualizing servers, an efficient use of resources is obtained, the availability increases, the time in the event of disaster recovery is reduced and a centralized management is achieved.

Workstation Virtualization

Increasing adoption of solutions for hosted virtual desktops (HVD) by industry will have a significant effect on the IT structure, as we know it today. 

ETA2U is constantly testing new technologies in the field (Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Oracle), in order to offer the most suitable solutions to our customers' needs.

Application Virtualization

Application virtualization transforms applications into centrally managed services without being in conflict with other applications. Currently IT specialists are trying to deal with the difficulties of the dynamic work manner. Users speak many languages, are  geographically spread, use various terminals to connect to the internal infrastructure of the company. IT should lend its support in meeting these needs and provide the users  with quick, flexible and safe access to the business applications, without interruptions. The most important business benefit, as far as virtualization is concerned, is the consolidation of the infrastructure by reducing unused resources and reducing budgetary allocations for future IT purchases.

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