Program Objective 

EMPRETEC is an integrated training program, which offers training and technical assistance to the entrepreneurs, as well as an institutional framework for the development of the entrepreneurial capacities and increase competitiveness on the local and international market of the small and medium-sized companies.

EMPRETEC is an international program for the development and support of entrepreneurs, held under the auspices of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD - Geneva) being operational in 32 countries in Central America, Latin America, Africa and Middle East.

Romania is the first European country where this program is implemented. DIMMMAT was involved in this program as partner of UNCTAD and funder of the program, according to the project document no. 641/ December 21, 2001. The Program will be run in 2015 in accordance with INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM/2014 submitted by UNCTAD - Geneva.

The target group of the program includes the existing or potential entrepreneurs as well as top managers, including specialists from public or private organizations supposed to behave in an entrepreneurial or managerial manner.

The Program objectives are to support the development of small and medium-sized companies, create new jobs, increase the number of small and medium-sized companies able to cope with competition and competitive forces on globalized markets.

The Program aims to: 

a) identify successful entrepreneurs;
b) develop personal entrepreneurial and managerial capacities;
c) develop modern business methods;
d) mobilize Romanian entrepreneurial resources and strengthen the entrepreneurial dynamism of SMEs in Romania;
e) encourage the exchange of experience and develop the relationships locally and internationally;
f) develop the capacity of small and medium-sized companies to develop and implement strategies for competitive business;
g) support small and medium-sized companies to expand dispatch markets and increase exports;
h) develop contacts and business networks outside Romania and initiate cross-border cooperation.

The Program finances the UNCTAD EMPRETEC Romania workshops to support the development of small and medium-sized companies in areas of interest for the development of entrepreneurial skills in order to acquire theoretical practical application knowledge required to start and develop a business.

The UNCTAD EMPRETEC workshops will be organized under the coordination of the 5 EMPRETEC centers (a national center - EMPRETEC Romania and 4 regional centers - EMPRETEC Transylvania, EMPRETEC Southeast EMPRETEC Oltenia-Banat and EMPRETEC Moldova) and will run in 8 locations (assigned to the organizing 8 OTIMMC: Brasov, Cluj Napoca, Constanta, Craiova, Iasi, Ploiesti, Targu Mures, Timisoara). The workshops dates and locations will be posted on First degree, second degree relatives and husband/wife are not allowed to participate in the same workshop. The maximum number of beneficiaries is 30 participants/workshop.

Budget of the funding program:

To be determined at the time of launching the program funding

Eligible applicants:

The individuals who cumulatively meet the following eligibility criteria on the date of lodging the program subscription form set out in Annex 1 can benefit from the Program:

a) are Romanian citizens;
b) have completed secondary or upper education with baccalaureate/license diploma or certificate of studies completion;
c) to enroll in the activities referred in the Program by filling in the subscription form.

For the workshops organized under the Program, the selection of the participants will be done in registration order as follows:

Phase I, verification of eligibility conditions under art. 4. by OTIMMC.

Phase II interview organized by UNCTAD certified trainers.

In case of rejection following the interview organized by UNCTAD certified trainers, the applicants will be informed of the grounds for rejection by UNCTAD certified trainers. The list of the applicants admitted and rejected and the reasons for their rejection will be sent by the UNCTAD certified trainers to the organizing OTIMMC latest 3 working days before the start-up of the workshop, to be published on

Validity term of the funding program:
To be determined at the time of launching the program funding

Eligible business sectors
Not applicable

Eligible expenses:
OTIMMC will assure the workshops organization and conduct as it follows:
• propose the workshops venues which meet the quality standards imposed by UNCTAD;
• together with the trainers, it will prepare and conduct the participants’ interviews;
• maintain the connection and communicate with the trainers and participants for the proper organization and conduct of the workshops.

The organizing OTIMMC will ensure the payment of the expenses incurred in running the workshop from the budget assigned by the program to each one of the 8 OTIMMC (editing promotional and presentation materials, editing/copying of course materials, support materials for practical exercises, supplies necessary to conduct the courses, rent premises for conducting the workshops, send necessary invitations to organize and conduct the workshops, trainers fees payment costs, trainers and participants’ accommodation and meals, including the costs of organizing workshops’ release/dissemination conferences).

The basis product offered to the program participants is the workshop for the development of the personal entrepreneurship competences developed by Harvard University together with Management Systems International and McBeer & Co. which will be run during 9 calendar days.

In order to implement the program, the Program specific training services will be conducted by national trainers certified and under certification by UNCTAD in Geneva. The training services will be contracted by OTIMMC, according to GEO 34/2006 on public procurement.

The OTIMMC responsible for conducting the 8 workshops will notify the DIMMMAT upon the locations and period thereof to be published on

For more information on the funding program, please go to: