Consultanta IT Service

Through its specialists, ETA2U holds skills in domains such as multi-tech, software products and monitoring solutions, and commits to providing scalable services.
The supplied services and solutions guarantee lower TCO (Total cost of ownership) and fast ROI (Return on investment). By adopting the ITIL (IT service management) service delivery model, ETA2U managed to maximize both efficiency and availability.

We are able to provide the whole range of solutions and services for all-size IT infrastructures, including data centres, databases and web services, starting from design through to deployment, management and testing.
Our consultants will help you identify any possible weak points in your infrastructure, provide technical assistance, offer support for upgrades and migrations, standardize the IT infrastructure and balance out resources for higher performance and overall efficiency.

Our range of Consulting Services includes:

  • Impact studies;
  • Deployment cases;
  • Business accelerators;
  • On-demand IT consulting;
  • System architecture;
  • Licensing consultancy services.

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