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We have chosen ETA2U to supply IT equipment for the 159 schools in the campaign of social responsibility “PROFI awards you” in 2013, relying on the professionalism and promptitude proven in our previous collaboration. ETA2U has contributed to the successful finalization of the campaign organized by Profi Rom Food”.
Luminița Bunda - Promotions and Advertising Manager, Profi Rom Food

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Sediul TMD Friction

At the end of 2013 ETA2U has built at TMD Friction Romania a secondary datacentre in our location from Caransebes. The secondary datacentre is interconnected through a Fibber Optics ring to the existing datacentre. The virtual environment with mission-critical “server” systems is replicated through software between the equipment of the two datacentres. Any unwanted event that might disable the main datacentre completely triggers automatically the activation of the services from the secondary datacentre in maximum 30 minutes, thus re-establishing normal production flows. The data backup/archiving structure was also extended through the implementation of a Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape structure. The result of this project was that TMD Friction Romania has obtained a high availability level for the IT system”.
TMD Friction Romania

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Sediul Primaria Timisoara

Initiated in November 2013, the digitization project of the Timisoara Municipality Fiscal Department is currently on-going. The goal of this project is to improve and increase the efficiency of the institution’s administrative capacity, the final beneficiary being the taxpayers from Timisoara. The estimated volume of documents that need to be digitized is of 7.000.000 sheets ”.
Adrian Bodo – Executive Director of the Timisoara Municipality Fiscal Department

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Sediul Electrica

We are very satisfied with the collaboration with ETA2U, with the implementation of the projects, the rigorous planning and outstanding implementation ”.
Horia Mioșcu – Head of Department IT&C, S.C. FDEE Electrica Distribuție Transilvania Nord S.A.

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Sediul AEM Timisoara

"ETA2U is one of the most important partners in IT domain for our company and I want to highlight the value of the solutions they provide. ETA2U has supported us in the development of our IT project by providing appropriate consultancy services."
Nicolae Simtion - IT Manager, AEM

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Sediul Adiss SA

“We have appealed at ETA2U based on our good collaboration we’ve had for more than 3 years. We have received support for the organization of our company’s printing activities, so that we were able to replace local printers with department printers. The monitoring and control solution for printed and copied documents offered by ETA2U was successfully implemented. All these measures made our printing process much more efficient and we have eliminated – internally – the maintenance activity of the equipment fleet. The effort of our company remains focused on the main activity: creating modern technologies and producing water treatment and water cleaning facilities. ETA2U proves professionalism in ensuring the printing capacity within ADISS SA.”
Alexandru Cernucan - Technical Manager, ADISS SA

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