Contrary to the routines of this domain, a time sheet system is not an access control system, even if there are many companies and persons that swallow the bait of using an access control system as time sheet system. That is partially correct. Why? Because an access control system usually has a software model by which the access to the system, respectively a particular door, is recorded, and those data are exported in XLS or similar form. That is all and it has become customary in an inadequate manner.

The reason is very simple, that being that an access control system only refers to a time record and the information supplied cannot be used correctly. In fact, a time sheet system is almost identical to an access control system, considering its making up, except for the door-blocking latch. However, the true value is the software used, which must be mandatory correlated to the legislation in force, and more than that, must be automatically updated when any legislative change occurs.

Thus, the big companies producing access control systems will never offer those legislative adjustment and special functionalities at micro level.

As a conclusion, the time sheet system must be treated as an independent system and not be taken for the access control system.

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