Professional services for the printing, scanning and copying environment

lntegrate your printing, copying or scanning equipment, like multifunction equipment, into your printing environment, fast and safe. Take maximum advantage on the purchased technology, from the very first moment. Leave everything to our specialists.

When you purchase an equipment, you expect performance from the beginning. This is exactly why it is important for you to benefit from the services of ETA2U Image&Print engineers for the installation, configuration and integration of your new equipment into the existing printing environment and also to be trained for a proper, efficient and performing use.

We do all these activities regardless if the purchased equipment is a printer, multifunction, scaner or plotter. ETA2U Image&Print professionals assemble accessories, check the hardware, configure the network and train equipment users, all these at your premises.

Our installation, configuration and maintenance servicesare available for laserjet printers, multifunction equipment, business inkjet products so that the equipment can handle day to day operations.

ETA2U Image&Print service engineers are determined to ensure the quality of technical support and maintenance service for all our customers. This is proven by the numerous authorisation and certifications awarded both to the company and to the specialists that work within the company.


  • impressive results — Fast, efficient and cost convenient interventions that reduce the effort and time of your employees, which is more precious in other important activities;
  • reduced complexity — Professional configration of the printing and scanning network can simplify your IT infrastructure;
  • minimum disruption — ETA2U Image&Print specialists are trained to prevent and interruption of your current operations when performing service activities within your company;
  • quality performance — Performing equipent provide maximum performance through optimal configuration and installation services, followed by dedicated maintenance, thus ensuring your equipment performance from the beginning and during its entire life time.

Printer service labour prices

operations performed at ETA2U's premises
All prices are in lei and include VAT

Dot-Matrix/DeskJet/LaserJet Personal Printer Repair Labour Cost 42.0
Dot-Matrix/DeskJet/LaserJet/ Professional Printer Repair Labour Cost 84.0
Travelling to client's premises (on site) 42.0
Dot-Matrix, Plotter, LaserJet network Printer Repair Labour Cost ( on site ) 120.0
DeskJet/LaserJet Personal Printer Maintenance (includes cleaning) 30.0
DeskJet/LaserJet Professional Printer Maintenance (includes cleaning) 60.0


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