We are the most important supplier of IT products and services and the main integrator of complex IT solution in the west part of Romania, one of the most certified companies in Romanian IT (technical, commercial and quality areas). We have a history of over 29 years and a constantly recognized performance through annual nominations in the national tops of companies:

- ETA2U has been publicly confirmed as being ranked 1st in the national Top 2019, in the category of medium enterprises (Research, Development and High Tech) by turnover, net profit, productivity and global performance.
- In recent years, ETA2U has been ranked 3rd in the Top of the largest IT&C integrators in Romania, by turnover, net profit and number of employees.
- In 2017 ETA2U was announced as the 1st place in the Top of the largest IT&C integrators according to the turnover among the private companies with Romanian capital.
- In 2016 ETA2U was announced as occupying the 2nd place in the Top of the largest IT&C integrators according to the turnover among the private companies with Romanian capital.
- in 2013 ETA2U took the 3rd place in the top of Romanian IT&C integrators, based on the turnover,
- ETA2U was publicly confirmed on the first place of the 2012 National Top, at the category medium enterprises (NACE - 2620) based on the turnover, gross profit, productivity and global performance,
- on November 3rd, the Regional Business Centre of the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture of Timis County has awarded the ETA2U company with the Excellence Trophy that, according to methodology, is awarded to the companies that have raked on the first three places for 5 consecutive years on the Top of the Companies from Timis County. ETA2U was the only IT&C company to have received this trophy.

  • ETA2U is an active player on the Romanian IT market since 1992.
  • The ETA2U acronym means Advanced Equipment and Technologies ( Echipamente şi Tehnologii Avansate).
  • ETA2U is the market leader - as IT solution integrator – in central and western Romania and was ranked on the 3rd place in 2012 – the criterion being the dimension - on the top of IT&C companies with Romanian exclusively private-owned capital.
  • Currently, ETA2U is organized in divisions (business units), each of them specializing in a distinct basic activity.
  • We focus particularly on quality, therefore our company continuously makes important investments in quality training, development and certification activities.
  • In recent years, ETA2U has consolidated strategic partnerships with all notorious IT brands, these collaborations being appreciated and certified by partners.
  • Our highly-certified specialists are able to integrate and provide support for the following platforms: Microsoft Windows Server, HyperV, Solaris, Novell Ware, LINUX (SuSe and RedHat), IBM AX, VMware vSphere.

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